Hello everyone!

    • Anna Beth
    • 20-something
    • married to my best friend and love of my life, Troy
    • live in a very small town with three stop lights
    • teach elementary school
    • own a photography business- Anna Beth Photography
    • honest to a fault
    • love clothes, shoes, jewelry, and all things fashion
    • love to capture the little moments in photographs



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Anna Beth –
    I came across your blog while on Facebook. I grew up in Bonifay, graduating from HCHS in 1976. I left to find inspiration somewhere, anywhere, only to be surprised to find it back where I came from. Nice work, nice blog, great spirit. Keep it up. You never know who it might touch and where. Proof point. I write this from my NYC apartment on a hot summer day in July.
    Renn Vara

    • thank you for the words of encouragement! i love knowing that people are actually reading, especially when it has reached someone as far away as New York City. thanks for stopping by the blog!

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