Little Yellow Farm Cottage

Hello again! It’s been a while, but I have some fun things to share. Since getting married, my husband and I have been busy bees working on our new home. We have finally completed our little yellow farm cottage. We live outside of the city limits surrounded by beautiful fields, farm animals, and barns. I consider our house part farmhouse, part cottage. It’s small and cozy and surrounded by the most beautiful land.

Many of my out-of-town friends have asked that I share photos of my home for them to see. Everyone that knows me knows I am a lover of all things antique. My entire house is decorated with antiques and perfectly fits our personalities. But the interior photos will have to wait because today the spotlight is on the exterior of our little yellow farm cottage!

When we purchased our home we were looking for something small that fit into our budget and could be made into the cozy cottage of our dreams. We found just that right outside of our town! The house was the perfect size and had that cozy feel. We saw the potential to turn this house into the place we would call home, and that dream led us to where we are now! We love our house and couldn’t imagine any other place to call home!

First, I want to share a before and after photo.


Here are a few photos of the little details that make it ours!











I hope you enjoyed the exterior photos of our Little Yellow Farm Cottage. The next look at our home will be the master bedroom. I can’t wait to share!

Anna Beth


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