How We Kept Our Wedding Cost Under $500

Yesterday was Troy and my 6 month anniversary.  In honor of this special day, I wanted to share a post I’ve been meaning to write for some time. So read on to see how we kept our wedding cost under $500!

I know what you’re thinking.  There’s no way a decent wedding could cost under $1000, much less $500.  If it did it must have been “tacky” as my mom would say.  But I hope I can prove you wrong with this post, and maybe help some people out as they plan their wedding.

I cannot tell you how many times I Googled “cheap weddings,” “money saving wedding tips,” etc.  Most of what I found still had a price tag of about $2000-$5000.  I did not want Troy and I to start our union in debt.  I wanted us to have a beautiful day where I did not look around and see dollar signs on everything as I walked down the aisle.  With the help of friends, family, and God, we were able to do this.

No matter how nice the wedding, it doesn’t make the marriage better.  Isn’t there a saying that goes something like that?

Some people see wedding budgets as a private issue, and I respect that 100%, but everyone that knows me knows I’m an open book, especially when it comes to my thrifty-ness!

As I walk you through our wedding journey, I’ll share our cost-cutting secrets.  These may not work for everyone, but were the best choices for us.

1.  Planning

Troy and I were fortunate to have an amazing “wedding planner.”  Luckily, I had a friend who has worked behind the scenes at numerous events and plans events for friends on the side.  This lovely lady and her two best friends were willing to plan our wedding free of charge.  This was one, if not the biggest help to us financially.

I know not everyone has wedding planning friends waiting around the corner, but my advice would be to find someone who wants to become a wedding/event planner, has the skill to do so, and will give you a good deal or practice free of charge.  Of course, in this situation, you cannot be the bride that leaves everything up to the planner because the planner may not have experience in every aspect, but you can relieve a lot of stress off of yourself and keep the cost minimal.

I will be eternally grateful to Jennie Ann, Becky, and Rooster for helping my wedding run smoothly without a hitch.  (I’ll get to the BEAUTIFUL decorations they prepared shortly!)


2.  Pre-wedding festivities

This section of my article will be short and sweet.  There were none.  Troy and I wed on Thanksgiving weekend.  I know you’re thinking, “Everyone hates people who do that.”  Well, we did have a few people that hated us for scheduling that date, not just because it was Thanksgiving, but it was the same day that the rival SEC teams faced off.

But we also did this because we had family that would be in the area for Thanksgiving, and this would save them an additional plane ticket and us hotel/lodging expenses for out of town guests.

As far as Bachelor/Bachelorette parties go, we decided to enjoy the evening with family, which if you know our families, is tons of fun!

3.  Location

Troy and I knew from the beginning we wanted an outdoor wedding.  I had always pictured something rustic, and lucky for me, Rooster (one of my planners) had the most beautiful little red barn I had ever seen in her field.  We looked at this spot and knew immediately this was where we wanted to wed.

We decided to also have the reception here on the other side of the barn.  It was beautiful and saved time and effort since we wanted the wedding short and sweet.

DSC_0136e4. Decor/ Serving

Our ceremony seating was church pews that a church had thrown out and donated.  I was able to snag 4 pews in decent shape to use as ceremony seating, and behind that we used the reception chairs.

DSC_0686eAs far decorations go, we’ll start with the flowers.  I am not a “flower” person.  I know only the names of basic flowers (tulips, roses, daisies) and this made my flower choice easy.  “I want babies breath,” I told Jennie Ann.  “Ok, and what else?” she responded.  “Umm…more babies breath?” So that is what I got.  Lots of babies breath.  It fit my personality so well, basic, plain, and to the point, and was beautiful all the same!  My bouquet was my favorite!


And now for a piece of shared wisdom: Borrow, borrow, borrow.  I knew I would never have the use for a vintage bird cage, lots of table cloths, or paper lanterns again.  So with the help of my planners, we borrowed almost every piece of decor for our reception.  For our serving tables we used beautiful antique furniture repurposed by my crafty planners.

My reception was beautiful, and the most expensive part of my wedding, but still dirt cheap.  My plates were all thrifted and were beautiful antiques that we ended up paying about $100 for total, and my glasses were from a restaurant that went out of business and were bought by my cousin from their sale.  We paid less than $20 for 100 glasses.


DSC_0529eMy tables and chairs were both borrowed from my boss’s church.  They were kind enough to lend us their nice chairs that matched our reception perfectly.  I would have never thought that we would have been fortunate enough to snag these, considering my original pricing on rental tables and chairs were around $500, my total goal budget.

DSC_0658e5.  Services

I know everyone is thinking that the caterer is one of the most expensive parts of a reception.  Well, not for us.  Family is so important to us, and we wanted to provide a way for everyone to be a part of the wedding.  Much of our wedding party was family, but our other family members contributed by making their favorite family recipe for the reception. Friends and family brought delicious homemade treats that had been passed down through the generations.  It was such a special part of the wedding to us, and again, cost-free.

DSC_0454eThe wedding cake was made by a dear friend, Shawna.  She has made all of the cakes for my special events in the past, and this was no exception.  She made my cake in exchange for a photoshoot (I have a photography business) so we were able to keep the cake cost down.  It was the most delicious cake I have ever tasted!

DSC_0059eI also used a family member, my cousin, to do the music for the event.  I wanted soft acoustic guitar music playing as people were seated, and he did a great job!

DSC_0453eAnother piece of advice, trade!  I have traded my photography services for a variety of things.  You can always bring the price down by traded work in exchange for a lower cost/free product.

My hair stylist/Makeup artist was a friend of mine who actually does hair and makeup just for fun, and she is phenomenal! I was fortunate to have such generous friends to help!

DSC_0016eAnd usually the single most expensive part of a wedding is a photographer.  I know this because I have a photography business, and these services are not cheap!  Luckily, I had a very dear college friend who I had helped some with his photography, so he was willing to return the favor.  He shot our engagement photos and wedding and allowed me to edit my own photos so they would suit my style.  I am so grateful to him for his hard work that day!  Thank you, Keaton!


6.  The Dress/Suit

No, I did not get my wedding dress from the Goodwill.  By this time I’m sure you are tired of hearing about how I’ve lucked up on borrowing items, but this is actually something that came with a price tag.

I’m am so lucky to have such a loving mom, that she offered to buy my wedding dress as my wedding gift.  This meant more to me than she will ever know.  I was able to wear the dress of my dreams, and if we would have footed the cost,  I would not have been able to.  Thanks, mom!



For Troy we did a typical suit rental, which was not as cheap as I would’ve liked, but much less expensive than purchasing one!

7. The Bridal Party

We decided to be unselfish and not ask the bridal party to spend a ton of money on dresses, shoes, etc when we weren’t willing to break the bank for our wedding either.  I went to a fancy store called Walmart, grabbed some paint chips, and used these as my wedding colors.  I gave each bridesmaid a paint chip ranging from off white to a dark tan and had them choose a dress from Forever 21 for under $30.  All of their dresses were in the same color pallet and even had similar styles.  As wedding gifts, I gave them matching bracelets from the local boutique, which they loved!

For the guys we made it simple.  White shirt, khaki pants, and a brown belt.  We bought the green ties using another fancy Walmart paint chip and gave these as their wedding gifts.

Everyone says that their wedding party can use their outfits again, but usually that’s not the case.  No one wants to wear a poofy floral number to Sunday brunch.  I feel that our wedding party really could use these outfits again, and even if they don’t, they have spent under $50 total, verses $300.

DSC_0414eSo that is all of my money saving advice.  I know not every wedding is the same, and not everyone can use every tip, but hopefully this will help some people in their journey to having a wedding that doesn’t break the bank.

I’d love to hear your comments! Did you cut costs or go all out?  How did you cut costs?

45 thoughts on “How We Kept Our Wedding Cost Under $500

  1. From the photos posted, your wedding was beautiful. To do your wedding on a budget was very financially responsible. I applaud you and your husband for not falling for the hype that weddings have to be over-the-top and costs thousands of dollars to be beautiful and special…that’s just not true. Best wishes for a happy, healthy and wealthy life for the two of you.

  2. My hubby and I were planning a vow renewal ceremony, as you know since you were to be our photographer. Due to a bulging disk in his back, he could not stand or sit for extended periods of time, so we postponed it. I’m not sure if I am doing it for Christmas or just wait for our next anniversary in April, but I DO know I will be using some of your tips! Vow renewal ceremonies are not as expensive as weddings, but you can still run into some money. Hopefully with this blog, I can shave some of that cost down..Thanks! :-)

  3. You rock! That is ALL I gotta say… I thought my wedding was cheap, and by comparrison it wasn’t AT ALL. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with family and friends chipping in, right? :)

  4. My Mom has run a small wedding planner business based on the concept of a shoestring budget but with style. You did a fantastic job! It looked great! And so glad you shared applicable tips for people to use instead of vague suggestions.

  5. I am in the midst of planning my wedding that is to take place in september and this is exactly what were going for. I have to say that I have been a little discouraged because I am trying to do this in los angeles

  6. loved your post! oh my goodness your wedding was beautiful. i’m really trying to keep mine under 1,000 because my honeymoon is going to be at disney which is ranging about,4,000. we dont use credit cards so its all about saving! i didn’t plan a date yet because my cousin is getting married in punta cana so my fiance and i are saving for that trip at the moment. i get anxious and nervous about money situations so i dont want too much on my plate… their wedding is in january so im thinking maybe may 2016 (ugh so far away..) maybe if in lucky and since im having a small wedding we can have it in 2015. ok now im just rambling but thanks for all the advice! you are a lucky lady to have found things and have services donated. God bless.

  7. I saw a article in a Bridal magazine about “Weddings under 5,000”, but that is nothing compared to this. I love what you did, and only hope mine might be similar. Thanks for making this,Bless you!

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  10. Anna Beth, your wedding looked absolutely beautiful!!! My fiancée and I are doing them same thing but having a REALLY hard time trying to find an outdoor venue for less than $1000. Any tips?

    • Thank you! We actually used a friend’s barn for no charge. I would suggest using someone’s land that you know and possibly trading for a service. For example, I’ve done photos (I own a photography business) in exchange for using venues before. Best of luck to you!

  11. I think this is great. You looked wonderful on your wedding day. My fiance and I plan on being very thrifty and saving a lot of money by getting friends to pitch in and help with things like photography, videography, catering, making the cake and ect.

  12. I really loved reading about how to save on my wedding, and loved seeing your pictures. I am planning a wedding, and feel that your post are really going to help me. God bless you and all the luck for a beautiful and happy long lasting mariage!

  13. This is so helpful to me as I am planning my wedding and have 3 months left and I’m on a budget. Thank you for sharing this story it has helped me more than you know your wedding was absolutely beautiful.

  14. Thank you so much for posting this! I’m actually in the beginning stages of wedding planning right now. Can I ask about how many people attended?

  15. Hi!
    I’m looking to do something very similar but the costs in the Bay Area are crazy!
    Where was this little red barn? You never said where you’re located.
    I’m just starting to network with people and so far I’m going to be trading childcare for make-up and possibly hair!
    You did a great job!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. Thanks so much for the advice. My fiancé is the same way. He wants it to be lessure than 1500, rings and all. So, I am having my sister do my hair and make up, my aunt is doing the nails, our pastor is doing the ceremony in his church (free) My grandpa has 15 acres where we can do the reception. Our family is doing a pot luck style luncheon where everyone brings something they like. My dress is only 300. His drest blues from the army are coming in handy. And our friends and family are helping as much as possible. Family is everything to us, and to have this….well it’s miraculous and breath taking. My great grandmother is growing all of the flowers I will be using. She said it’s a little luck and a lot of love. (Tulips, roses, and baby’s breath) Our wedding is set for April 29th, 2017. I can’t wait!!! AND His friend he deployed with is doing the photography for us too!!! I feel so blessed to have family and friends like this……..

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  19. Hi, I like your low cost ideas for your wedding.
    I got married in the early 90s and we spent less than $1,000 on everything including reception venue at a lawn bowls club, food and drink for the reception dinner (which some friends put together and served), the Groom’s and groomsmen suits and my dress which I made (total cost of fabric and lace $150). I refused​ to have cheap plastic tablecloths so we hired linen tablecloths and I made small table flower arrangements from fabric flowers and paper ribbon and those green florist brick things. The bowling club Hall had a great kitchen including crockery and cutlery and my friends came the night before and decorated with streamers and balloons. I put a tape (yes that certainly dates me) together with some background dinner music and a friend gave us some tape music for old time dances like progressive jive and square dances which was a big hit and a lot of fun. A friend with a good camera took our photos and we borrowed some friends nice cars for our transport. My mother-in-law made our wedding cake.
    Like you I am baffled at people who go into debt just to get married.
    Regards, Amanda

  20. Your tips are wonderful! Thank you! If you don’t mind me asking where did y’all find your wedding dress?!? It is absolutely stunning! Exactly my style. I am currently planning a $500 wedding!

  21. Thanks for this. Trying to plan ours for next year and came across this doing research which has become kind of an addictive hobby for me lately. I’m leaving this comment because girl… you look stunning!! A beautiful and glowing bride. Hope my photos turn out as good as yours. Thanks again for sharing this. Hope all is well.

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